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Customizing a Template Website

Here is the difference between configurations and customizations.

Configuration is using standard product choices.  To customize something is to add functionality not part of the standard product.  WebCubic real estate template websites allow you to configure most things and customize others.  Not all website products can be customized.

Standard product configurations allow users to choose a design and look for the website.  This may be all you will need to do for your website.

You may want to "customize" your template website -- by using simple HTML.  For example, you can cause the slogan to scroll from right to left.  Or the profile description can have some text in bold font, others underlined, and so forth.  Even "hyperlink" to other pages.

More complex "customizations" can be done.  Some users have:

  • added special Flash presentations
  • add a special page with text and graphics using HTML for a unique appearance

Can your template website be customized?  Of course.  But it's not required.  For the ultimate customization experience, use our custom website.



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