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Real estate websites to set your sites on success

Don't worry because we call our websites "real estate websites".  It is a "tribute" to our primary focus in the past.  Our websites work wonderfully for real estate.  But they will work just as well for your industry.  Our client base is quickly expanding to include a number of new industries.

WebCubic real estate websites are truly customizable.  Some designers allow you to add a customized graphic at the top of the website and call it "custom".  We do that and more.  Other designers allow you to layout the home page within some pre-defined specifications and call that "custom".  We do that and more.  They stop here.  We go all the way to custom

Design your website the way that you want - it is individualized like no other provider can deliver.  Create a graphical header.  Add FLASH.  Add a horizontal menu system.  Or no header at all.  You decide.  Make it landscape.  Make it portrait.  Center it.  Fill the window.  You decide.  Customize every page.  Add as many graphics as you want.  Upload as many files as you want.  You decide.

Website feature 6.1
One time activation fee  Initial activation fee. $199.00
Monthly maintenance fee Hosting and technical support. $19.95
Domain name. Registration (annual fee) $25.00
Website administration (control panel) tool Manage and update your website design and content. Included
IDX ready. Seamlessly integrate your MLS solutions. Included
Design templates. Ready-to-use designs.  Choose from over 20 major styles and layouts - each with 10 or more color choices.  When new designs are added, you can use those, too. Included
Custom design elements.  Custom website with your colors and graphics to create that one-of-a-kind look. Included
Website customization services.  WebCubic's professional services team will do the initial design (graphic designs, custom pages, flash presentations) Call for quote
Multiple page formats.  Choose unique page styles  for your website content: reference link pages, gallery pages, and FreeForm pages. Included
Create your own page.  Add entirely customized pages for your website.  Layout graphics and text exactly the way you want. Included
Custom functions.  Use HTML to implement custom features and functions Included
Upload files Upload any file that you need for the design of the website or for your visitors to download. Included
Basic Internet promotion. Search engine submittal and consulting on basic search engine techniques to gain higher search engine placement Included
Premium Internet promotion. Our professional services team will assist you with search engines to increase your website traffic.  Search engine fees and other 3rd party fees are not included (annual fee) Call for quote
Search engine data.  User entered data for improved search engine optimization and visitor click thrus.  Includes site map ready for submission. Included
FormCreator™.  Build lead capture forms to collect contact information when visitors respond to your calls to action. Included
Prospect database.  Keep track of your prospects. Database is updated automatically when visitors contact you. Included
Text message.  Be notified on your mobile phone when selected leads are submitted. Included
Newsletter and content Add a branded monthly newsletter and display over 150 pages of consumer content on your website (current annual subscription from a 3rd party provider) $149
Generic (unbranded) newsletter and content Same service as the branded newsletter except there is no personal branding. Free with ANNUAL plan
Virtual webmaster Our professional services team will function as your behind-the-scene webmaster to make periodic updates to your website.  We'll even create and post to a blog for you.  Send us email and other information about the changes and we'll do the rest. Call for quote

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