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Internet marketing and promotion to set your sites on success

Internet visitors find real estate websites by knowing the domain name (Internet address) of the website or by searching the Internet.  Promoting the domain name through traditional means (business cards, etc) is "offline marketing".  Promoting the website so it can be found by an Internet search is "Internet marketing" or "Internet promotion".  This is accomplished by:

- first, submitting your website's domain name to search engines and directories. 

- and, "optimizing" your website so that search engines will rank your website higher during an Internet search.

WebCubic will initially submit your real estate websites to the BIG 3 (Google, Yahoo, and MSN) and other free search engines and directories.

WebCubic has a fee-based Internet promotion program to optimize search engine results. This service will improve your search engine results for your targeted keywords.  We analyze your target market, improve your content, select free and paid search engines search engines and directories, and other means.

Once the traffic is improved, we will continue to work with you to improve your website so that your visitors will communicate with you.  That's "lead generation".



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