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Implementing IDX with WebCubic real estate websites

Completing the websites to set your sites on success

This is why you need IDX

IDX enables you to deliver the most important content that website visitors wants - MLS property listings - right from your real estate website. 

- Without it, visitors leave your website almost immediately. 

- With it, your visitors remain for twenty minutes.  For twenty minutes they see your name and contact information.  That stickiness adds value and leads to your success! 

When IDX includes daily e-mail alerts - that's lead generation!

There are THREE ways IDX can plug into WebCubic real estate websites

[1] MLS has a ready-to-go IDX solution.  Paste the MLS' URL into a WebCubic navigation button.  There may be fees from your MLS.

[2] If your MLS has an established partnership with WebCubic, IDX will be automatically bundled with your website.  There may be fees from your MLS.  

[3] Your MLS only provides data feeds to REALTORS® that want IDX.  But you need software from a 3rd party provider like WebCubic. Costs will vary among 3rd party provider.  

NOTE: WebCubic can implement IDX (with automatic email alerts) using the MLS data feed.  This requires a development cycle, but the resulting IDX solution provides full functionality.  There is a fee for WebCubic's IDX solution and will vary depending upon the cost for the data feed and the complexity of the data itself.



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